AGES 10-15

martial arts teen

Our teen martial arts and self defense classes consists of non-stop action, making exercise fun and educational. Kicking bags, punching mitts and jumping obstacles are regular occurrences in this class. At Longevity Martial Arts, we give a lot of leadership responsibility to our Young Adults and we have very high expectations for them.


Another benefit of training in our teens martial arts program is that they earn physical education credit for high school. Many of our students opt out of their physical education classes to take other optional coursework or to have more time for other curricular activities.

group classes

Group classes offer many benefits that help a student develop in their martial arts journey. Students will immediately notice increases in their endurance and physical well-being through workouts designed to challenge the mind and body. Relationships created in the dojo have proven to last a lifetime.

private lessons

Private lessons are an invaluable resource to help develop and personalize your martial arts techniques. Although lessons are custom tailored to assist students in reaching their individual goals, we encourage our students to partner with others during their private lessons. This gives the advantage of a deeper understanding of the application and principles behind the techniques.



tuesday 6p
thursday 6p
saturday 12p

FULLERTON (teen/adult)

monday 6p
tuesday 7:15p
wednesday 6p
thursday 7:15p

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