AGES 7-9

kids karate classes

Our Kempo Kids martial arts classes will develop your child’s character and teach them life-skills!

Throughout their journey, our kids’ karate classes will teach your child to harness the strength of the tiger, the patience of the crane, the focus of the snake, the awareness of the leopard, and the power of the dragon.

In our Kempo Kids karate classes, each child will gain strength, flexibility, and agility through different punches, kicks and body movements. While participating in high energy karate classes, our instructors educate our young practitioners about self-control, integrity, and respect. Our goal is to equip each one of our students with the self-confidence, knowledge, and skills to succeed.

our 5 principles


Putting forth an exertion of strength and power


Restraint exercised over one’s own impulses, emotions, or desires


A conventional code of good manners and proper behavior


The attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual


Honesty of mind

group classes

Group classes offer many benefits that help a student develop in their martial arts journey. Students will immediately notice increases in their endurance and physical well-being through workouts designed to challenge the mind and body. Relationships created in the dojo have proven to last a lifetime.

private lessons

Private lessons are an invaluable resource to help develop and personalize your martial arts techniques. Although lessons are custom tailored to assist students in reaching their individual goals, we encourage our students to partner with others during their private lessons. This gives the advantage of a deeper understanding of the application and principles behind the techniques.

class schedule


monday 5:30p
wednesday 5:30p
saturday 12:00p


monday 5p
tuesday 6:30p
wednesday 5p
thursday 6:30p

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