2019-20 Welcome Winter Students!

Welcome to Longevity Martial Arts and BLACK BELT KIDS…

We are honored to be the official martial arts organization for the CREST after-school enrichment program at your child’s school. Our dojo began in 1997 in Santa Monica under Master Sensei Jeff Handley. Since then we have had the opportunity to share the martial arts with thousands of individuals throughout this community. Our mission is to enhance the minds, bodies and spirits of all that experience our martial arts training.

Martial arts training has proven to teach children necessary disciplines that can enrich their lives and help them form positive decision making skills. Our Black Belt Kids skills program incorporates age-specific drills that are designed to meet your child’s developmental needs. Each week your child will be learning martial arts techniques that are both traditional and practical.  At the end of every class he/she will participate in a skills test to achieve their individual skill stripe. Each skill stripe represents a stage of their development and is to be worn on their belt. Toward the end of the 8 or 10-week session your child will be invited to our dojo in Santa Monica for their belt test and ceremony. This is an exciting time when family and friends can witness each child’s growth through the martial arts.