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about us

Longevity Martial Arts Centers is a community that shares a common passion for learning, teaching and development through the martial arts. Our dojos in Santa Monica and Fullerton serve as a sanctuary where our students and instructors come together to learn and train in a safe and supportive family environment. At Longevity Martial Arts Centers, it’s all about the student.


Our martial arts system is Shaolin Kempo. This system is uniquely designed with a foundation rooted in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Kempo Karate giving our students the means to protect themselves and their loved ones. Because our distinctive system combines both hard and soft styles of the martial arts, each student is given the advantage of learning a complete and versatile martial arts system.


Our community is guided by dedicated instructors that are professionally trained and committed to serving our students throughout their journey of developing into their best selves. Students learn core principles based in ancient philosophies designed to lead them towards strong and positive character filled with confidence and integrity. We welcome you to join our community.

our programs

An age-specific skills based kids martial arts program systematically designed to challenge your child’s level of developmental.

Our goal, as instructors, is to equip each one of our young students with the self-confidence, knowledge, and skills to succeed.


It’s not just punching and kicking. We give a lot of leadership responsibility to our teens and have high expectations for them.


Our instructors are here to help you achieve your goals of improving your fitness and learning how to defend yourself.