longevity martial arts is santa monica's premier karate and martial arts school

Longevity Martial Arts has a balance of traditional martial arts classes and effective self defense training designed to maximize a student’s progress in the Martial Arts.

Our Kempo Karate students have a weekly private lesson with their top-level instructor in order to focus on individual development.  Students advance at their own speed and modify their self defense training based on their goals, strengths, and limitations. Also, each student can choose a convenient time of the week that works best for their schedule.

Our karate and martial arts group class training focuses on practical applications of the techniques and principles that students learn in their weekly lessons. This is also a time that students improve their overall fitness and strength. At Longevity, our group classes run smoothly and are filled with lots of action and little down time.

At Longevity Martial Arts Centers, it's all about the student.

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what our students say about us

My son has struggled in school with his energy level and focus. Since being in karate, he has matured, gained more self-control as well as confidence. My son has done the best in private lessons with sensei Jesse and looks forward to going to class each week. - Mitzi R.

My son has been training/studying at longevity since he was in elementary school. They are fantastic. He has not only been learning martial arts but personal discipline and mental concentration. All the senseis are fantastic. We had tried other dojos before and this is definitely the best. - Albhy G.

My 4yrs old son loves this place! Sensei Shelly is amazing with the kids; she teaches them well while balancing a little bit of fun, with techniques, respect, and staying focused. - Anna K.

I had a wonderful experience here, beginning my deeper journey into the martial arts. The location is very central and the teaching principles are sound. - Martin L.

Have been training here for 12 years. I have fun, stay fit, and get stronger physically and mentally. Great place and people. - Aki T.

Good atmosphere with helpful Sensei teachers, welcoming students and a positive energy to this studio. Classes offer great workouts but also focus on learning the techniques and important safety issues. - Susan H.

This is a fantastic dojo! It is the 'real deal'...not one of those 'factory' type places for kids that tend to populate Los Angeles. Each of the dedicated senseis have trained extensively and really teach the art of Martial Arts and are great with the kids. They also teach adults. - Melanie G.